General information

What this comp is about

Studio Bloc Masters is not only a bouldering competition... it is the biggest indoor climbing event which takes part at just one weekend!

Similar to the Rab CWIF there is no isolation during qualification. You just take part and climb next to the best climbers in the world on boulders set by an international team of routesetters.

Qualification is open for every climber who wants to crush his fingers at all in all 80 problems! You better take your favourite handcare...

Announcement & Travel Details

Here you can download the official announcement with detailed information about the comp, your travel and more.


If you need a place to stay during our comp you can check MOXY Hotel Darmstadt. Click here for event-related booking.

The hotel is close to the main station Darmstadt which is just one station by train to Pfungstadt. After a 10 minutes walk you will be at our gym (overall travel time from MOXY to our gym is about 30 minutes). Otherwise it is an easy ride if you go by car or cab.

Visitors information

Please understand that due to the high number of participants, access to our gym during qualification (Saturday), is reserved for athletes.

Of course we have set up seats for the semi-finals and finals on Sunday. There is no entry fee for visitors but we are looking forward to a voluntary entrance to our donation fund!



There will be 80 boulder problems all over our 3.500 m² sized gym set in 4 difficulties (20 each). So anyone can compete, score points and have a great bouldering session. The ranking will be done by everyone himself, so please keep the faith of fair play.

Qualification will take part in two groups to provide you a more comfortable and safer climb.



Semis will start in the morning (11:30 CET). The best 20 men and best 20 women of qualification will compete in 4 problems at our comp wall judged by international referees.

In the afternoon (16:00 CET) the best six men and women fight for the win during finals.

The winners will not only be awarded with the titel "Studio Bloc Master" but also with some prize money (10.000 € in total)!

Prizes equal for men and women:
1st place - 3.000 € / 2nd place - 1.500 € / 3rd place - 500 €


Please do us a favour and wear the competition t-shirt you receive at the check-in during the competition. National teams can use their jerseys as an alternative dress.

Side Events

There will be foodtrucks to keep you strong during competition. You can also get homemade cookies and cakes or calm down at our bistro having a snack or a cup of coffee.

The whole comp will be accompanied by some nice beats of several DJ´s.

In the evening our official afterparty takes part with DJ´s and other specials.