Behind the scenes

Did you know...

  • that the entire Studio Bloc team and many external helpers are needed to handle this event. All together we´re about 50 people giving everything for one week to get the gym arranged for this comp (not including the general organization which runs alongside the whole year).
  • that there are about 300 boulders in the gym during normal business which must be taken out, be washed, and be ready to be reset within 4 days? From Thursday until Monday there are some night birds working all night long to get those tons of holds and volumes washed.
  • that we need a team of 15 routesetters? While some of them are working on the semis and finals from Tuesday until Friday, the others are building up all 80 qualification problems in just 2 days! And don´t forget: Every boulder set  not only takes time for setting but also for testing.