Note in advance:

An event of this size not only costs an infinite amount of power and working time but also a mid five-digit amount of money. Thanks to our fantastic partners, we can minimize these costs to the extent that we have the opportunity to donate a nice sum to a non-profit organization every year!


When we started organizing this event in 2016 it was quite obvious for us to support maybe the best known non-profit organization of the climbing szene, Climbers Against Cancer.

But then we were wondering about so many alternative facilities which are also worth supporting them. That's why we decided to get more local after our Masters in 2017.

In 2018 we were collecting 6.500 € for Sonnenkinder Bergstraße , a fantastic project very close to us! 

For last years comp in 2019 we decided to support the youth center Heideplatz in Frankfurt a.M. A great organization, which also accompanied us on site. As we saw during our visit a few weeks ago, with our donation of 5700 € some excellent projects could be realized in the last months.

For this reason we have decided to collect again for this great institution Heideplatz in 2020. We trust that with YOUR support we will be able to make a difference for young people in our region again!